Chanakya Foundation
(A Organisation dedication to serve the nation)
Chankaya foundation has been founded in the name & inspiration of Acharya Chankaya. It is a non-profit organization, working in the field of social and educational, environment development across the India.
Also foundation & its team working towards skill development, cultural development, awareness Program on aids, health, education etc. since its inception.
Members & Authorities


General Member:- Membership can be obtain anyone who hs completed age of 18 years and believe in objective of organization and a donation of Rs. 100/-(Hundred only)*optional and ensure a receipt acknowledgement for same.

Life Member:- A Life membership can be obtain who who submit a donation of Rs. 10000/- (Ten Thousand Only) or a goods value of same which used for social development and walfare of the organization, on permission of the board members and get acknowledge receipt for same.

Special Member:- Yearly membership can be obtain on donation of rs. 1151/- and a person shos age completed 18 yr+ and believe in objective of society

-Condition of termination of the membership

a)on death of member

b)after mad or insolvent

c) Destructive work or who do’t believe in objectives of society

d) on punishment by any juridical

e) irregular in membership fees

f)ir acceptance by the board or after the resignation of the member own


Contact No.: 07388448899

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